The very earliest stages of the recruitment process, if not handled skilfully, can jeopardise the successful outcome of any campaign. The Lighthouse consultant can provide expertise and experience in:

  • Designing Recruitment Processes
  • Recruitment Advice and Guidance
  • Job Analysis and Evaluation
  • Person Specification Design
  • Defining Competences


Attracting the right kind of candidate is no simple task, as is often evidenced by the number of applications which fall short of the profile of the suitable candidate. The Lighthouse consultant can provide:

  • Targeted Networking
  • Social Media Networking
  • Targeted Internet Advertising
  • Combined Internet and Traditional Executive Search
  • Advertisement Design and Copywriting
  • Appropriate Media Selection


Screening of applicants, responding to candidates and conducting interviews takes precious time from busy key managers and poses real problems for those unskilled in the many and varied assessment techniques. The Lighthouse consultant can provide:

  • Response Management Systems
  • Pre-screening Interviews and Initial Assessment
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Assessment Centre (where appropriate)
  • Short-listing
  • Candidate Assessment Reports
  • Attendance and/or Guidance at Final Interview Stage
  • General Fielding of Enquiries/Discussions
  • Candidate Briefings/Feedback
  • Reference/Qualifications Checks
  • Negotiation of job offer


Lighthouse unlike other recruitment consultancies who primarily handle recruitment “assignments” recognise the fact that companies recruit and endeavour to retain their best people at all levels and in some cases may not justify out-sourcing of specialist services – often because the volume and frequency of these levels of recruitment. The specialisms and experience of the Lighthouse consultants place them in the unique position of offering additional support services for Line Managers engaged in recruitment assessment and retention at all levels:

Lighthouse provides Line Managers with the expertise to deliver effective people strategies for their business.

  • Customised Seminars in Effective Recruitment Procedures
  • Training in Job Analysis and Person Specification Design
  • Training in Interviewing and Selection Techniques
  • Delivering Redundancy and Career counselling programmes