Executive Search

Executive Search (Headhunting) is a proven recruitment technique which is designed to produce discreetly a short list of highly relevant candidates against a specific brief, by approaching targeted individuals who have a specific set of skills, knowledge and experience, perfectly suited to a client’s long term needs and objectives.

The Lighthouse consultant will be personally responsible for all aspects of the search assignment, particularly the front line contact and meeting with candidates. As an informed and trusted partner the Lighthouse consultant will present the opportunity and create interest, by providing compelling reasons why a highly sought after candidate should engage with the recruitment process.

Advertised Search

This combined resourcing approach has proven to be most successful and is one of the most effective recruitment techniques in securing the widest available market when searching, for the best possible candidates to fulfil key roles.  On occasions our clients wish to remain open-minded about the required background of potential candidates and in these instances Executive Search used in conjunction with targeted online and / or printed advertising media campaigns does provide an ideal solution.

Advertised Selection

Advertised Selection uses multiple web-based advertising campaigns and on occasions printed media if deemed appropriate.   The candidate specification determines the use of advertised selection and is generally used when the requirement is of a more generic nature or it is felt that candidates with transferrable skills and experience are appropriate.

Our online advertising campaign includes the top generic and best industry specific sites and where appropriate specialist sites which complement the particular sector or discipline we are recruiting for.

Contingency Search

Sometimes the business situation demands that you only pay when the recruitment process is complete and you have made an appointment. As an alternative to other sourcing methods Contingency recruiting is particularly appropriate for companies looking to fill key professional and executive positions within a tight deadline. With over thirty years’ experience of executive recruitment Lighthouse Search & Selection has built up an impressive network of professional and executive industry contacts.  Use of modern technology, rigorous market research and deep industry knowledge has helped Lighthouse Search & Selection to deliver successful results to many clients operating in diverse market sectors.

Psychological Profiling

Lighthouse’s expertise lies in being able to carry out an in depth psychological assessment of an individual’s personality and behaviours either as an integral part of recruitment, or to fulfil a specific client need.

Used as part of the recruitment process, Psychometric Assessment and Aptitude Testing can help take the risk out of recruitment and selection decisions.  Using a diverse range of assessment tools Lighthouse can identify those candidates who have the behaviours and abilities to make an effective contribution to your organisation.  In addition Lighthouse can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing people and transform the performance of your teams and the individuals who are the integral components of effective team performance.

Redundancy Counselling

Working on behalf of our client companies when they find themselves in the unenviable position of having to release people from their businesses, our recruitment experience and knowledge is invaluable when we ‘change hats’ in order to help people find new jobs and/or careers.

As experienced Executive Recruiters operating at the cutting edge of the recruitment industry we are ideally placed to provide thorough, informed, professional and sensitive assistance when people face one of the biggest challenges of their working lives – finding a new job or career.