The lighthouse has long been a symbol of security – the beam of its searchlight enabling safe steerage and avoidance of risk. At Lighthouse our principal objective is to do the same – to manage the risk for our clients, helping them stay ahead of their competition through the successful recruitment assessment and retention of high calibre people.

The most talented individuals are themselves becoming more selective and discriminating in their pursuit of opportunities for career development: Lighthouse Search & Selection provides a carefully planned, often diversified strategy to attract, assess and select the best candidates and significantly lower the costs and the risks of in-house campaigns.

Our approach works because it is soundly based on many years’ experience of market trends; an ever expanding expertise in developing recruitment technologies and research and, most important of all, knowing which routes to choose to target the best candidates.

We operate primarily in the manufacturing, processing and distribution sectors specialising in the following job disciplines across all areas of the business:

  • Board / C-Suite Executive
  • Senior / Middle Management
  • Professional / Technical / Commercial

In addition to expert research facilities and in depth understanding of the market, Lighthouse can offer psychometric testing and assessment in both recruitment and staff development.

As seasoned recruitment professionals our experience and knowledge is also invaluable when we ‘change hats’ in order to help people to find new jobs and/or careers. Our range of career/redundancy counselling services provide thorough, informed, professional and sensitive assistance when people face one of the biggest challenges of their working lives – finding a new job.

With relentless technological change and global economic uncertainty Lighthouse continues to deliver successful people strategies for its clients.